The RTD Story

The RTD Story

The Petrolhead Behind RTD

I'm Michael, and I run Remember The Drive in Scotland. After a string of business ventures, I got burnt out from chasing money over projects I genuinely had a passion in. Oh how millennial.

Eventually the only way I could go on was to use my experiences in business to build a project I'd truly love working on, and can proudly share with fellow petrolheads like you.

That's where Remember The Drive began...

Do you remember why you love cars?

Watching Clarkson, Hammond and May bobbing across foreign lands in rusty old cars was my Sunday night ritual for 15+ years. The sense of friendship and adventure coming through the screen was addictive, all possible because some regular guys bonded over their love for cars. I couldn't wait to grow up to have that kind of life and companionship for myself.

Maybe for you it was the raw sensory overload of hearing your first roaring V8 in the flesh, or the flood of adrenaline of being sucked back into your seat, or because for years Sunday night was non-negotiable Top Gear night?

No matter your reason, if you're reading this you're likely a diehard petrolhead like the rest of us — and that deserves to be celebrated.

But all that rarely sells cars these days, you live in a time obsessed with statistics...

Where a car is only relevant if it does 0-60mph in 2-something, or costs £100k+, or breaks a Nurburgring record. I believe that regardless of a car's brand, price or horsepower, the experience of how it makes you feel deserves to be celebrated and remembered.

I want each one of our prints to help you do exactly that:

To relive your love for four wheels: that memorable race, the generational icon, the poster car of your youth, the life-long project car — proudly immortalised on your wall forever
 To capture the important details: reminisce over each car's unique quirks that make it unique, even decades after it's retired to the museum
 To remember where your love started: trace your passion for cars back in time by collecting prints meaningful to you, like an automotive family tree

I hope my prints make you proud to be a petrolhead, and to remember the important stuff over all the vanity numbers...